1.The factor that's needed for designers

The first is passion, passion for graphics. This is always considered a top priority, because if you do not love, do not love your work, sooner or later you also ... give up your job. A programmer mentor once said, "When you surf the web, see the graphic material, you save it. But I have to say the truth: coding hours is not as tiring as the 30-minute design. "As we can see, he has "lived" with programming so he is always interested in doing or talking about programming, though he also wants to explore the novelty of graphics.

The next factor is hard work. Although you keep saying ... I love graphics! But when it comes to work or learning graphics, you think, "Let's run tomorrow!" The proof shows that geniuses in all areas are 90% hard working, only 10% belongs to innate talent. The more passionate, the more you explore, and the more passionate about the field that you have chosen.

In addition, a little more aesthetics, craftsmanship... On the aesthetics, actually everyone has, just a little or a lot. The most obvious proof is that when you see a flower, you can see whether it is beautiful or ugly, or a long dress that makes you jealous.

It will be a shame not to mention creativity - an important factor to succeed in this design profession! You have a very nice design style, many customers like and praise. The first time they said, "Great!" The second time they meet the same pattern, they will say "Good, good!" But for the third time they will probably feel the designs are trivial and not impressed.

2.Are you compatible with the design?

Look for any object and imagine how much better you can make. Do you often go to the exhibition? Stalls usually give you a pen to write information. Between a stall offering you a normal pen and another stall with a bow on the pen, which pen would you prefer? Obviously, you would love the pen with a bow. They made the pen more beautiful thanks to the bow, and how about you? Let's think together!

Look for some reference material on graphics. Read them and see if they are attractive enough for us. You can find a lot of good graphic materials from the Internet, bookstores.

Take a few short courses on graphics to see if you have enough excitement and enthusiasm when joining. Some of the courses that you can take include: Image Processing with Photoshop, Product Design with Illustrator, Creative Design with CorelDraw, Basic Web Interface Design.

Once you've got a bit of background in this industry, create your own custom design templates such as name card, photo album, personal profile, and take part in Graphic Design. Check that you are capable of doing this or not.

3.Directions of the design industry

Graphics are one of the few versatile industries. And here is a summary of the most popular and marketable in the present time.

a.Design of printing and advertising products:

What will we do?

  • Signs, light boxes, bankroll...
  • Logo Design, Brochure, Catalogue, Leaflet, Name card, Letterhead, Folder...
  • Executing items for advertising, exhibition...
  • Product containers, stamps / labels...

What do you need?

  • Design ideas + a little bit of art sense + creative ability + ability to collect.
  • Skill to use tools: CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign... with plugins support.

b.Web designer

This is a piece of work that clearly discerns the intersection between art and technology, as well as a dynamic and sensitive set of elements, a fast-paced trend, if you do not want to be an outdated designer.

This is also a skill that graphic designers often "ignore" or remove them from the "skills needed for work" list. As a result, many students studying 2D graphic design have failed to adapt when working in the real world, requiring skills in designing or changing new web interfaces, or designing banners, online advertising for businesses.

What will we do?

  • Design web interface for companies, organizations and individuals.
  • Design of online banner ads.
  • Web Design with HTML & CSS.
  • Web design compatible PC-to-mobile interfaces.

What do you need?

  • Skill in interface design, banner advertising and basic understanding of HTML & CSS.
  • Understanding the Web: image composition, harmonic color scheme, image optimization.
  • Using the tools: Photoshop for Web, (HTML - CSS) Dreamweaver, Flash, Responsive.

c.3D graphics

Professional career. This requires a background from 2D graphics and needs some additional knowledge.

What will we do?

  • Three-dimensional design.
  • Interior Design.
  • Technical drawings 2D - 3D.

What do you need?

  • Specializing in architecture, construction, interior, 3D.
  • Software skills: AutoCAD 2D - 3D, 3DS Max.

c.Multimedia Graphics

What will we do?

  • Make commercials.
  • Handle video effects, audio effects.
  • Working in studios, television stations, advertising companies.

What do you need?

  • Comprehensive knowledge from 2D, 3D.
  • Knowledge of video, audio.
  • Film scripting, animation, effects processing.
  • Skills in using software: Illustrator, Photoshop, 3DsMax, 3D Animation, Premiere, After Effects.


The potential for the graphics industry is huge as any company needs at least one designer. You can work in advertising design companies, art studios, multimedia software companies, television broadcasters, newspapers ... you can even start your own company.

5.Learning about graphic

a.Self-study through books - Internet:

We will find interesting and useful books and web pages, discussion forums. This is a method for people who do not have the time and know how to process and refine what is updated through the channels, as well as have certain knowledge about the field they are interested in learn more over the internet.

b.Study at the School - Training Centers

When attending a training school, you will be guided to a solid foundation in a short time.


Graphic design is a multi-purpose industry, a "hot" industry. So when we have identified the factors required by the designer & participate in this industry, there will be no worries about work or income! Hope this article gives you an overview and choose a direction in the graphics industry!


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