2017 is nearing the end and we are about to welcome a 2018 with many changes. In graphic design, trends are always changing and you need to capture them and understand them, so you can survive in this competitive environment. In today's article, I would like to send you 5 graphic design trends that you need to know to apply from now until 2018.

1.Popping, Loud, Bright Colors

The Internet is a vast repository with a lot of data being uploaded daily. Every day, about 1.8 billion photos appear on the internet. Therefore, letting customers pay attention to your photos or your messages ... is not an easy task.

When you write about social content, use bright colors, which will make your article stand out. Let combine the colors to create an impression on the viewer as they glide through it. You can find out more about color combinations with the Colorhunt tool.

Spotify used "duotone" (representing two shades in one color) to highlight their work.

You should not put dark colors on the picture. A black color image will make it dark and difficult to make an impression.

  • Bonus: Color transitions

This is a unique style of Instagram and many companies have used this idea. This will certainly continue to be a prominent trend in 2018.


2.Authentic Pictures - Customized Graphics

When you want to talk about stocks, let's use pictures of stocks. However, this is not enough. Let combine the stock image with the other image that is associated with it to highlight it. And most importantly, to create personalization in your work.

Use authentic images. Nowadays, it's easy to get shimmering photos through image editing. However, when you want to introduce products to your customers, you should choose the most genuine photos. It will help you build trust with your customers and avoid other troubles. Daniel Wellington and Pura Vida and the two companies have been very successful in using real images to advertise their products.

In graphics, you can create custom content easily without having to go through software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. But first, find out what your customers are. Once you know the purpose and needs of your customers, you can create the right content with simple tools like Snappa.

  • Bonus: Hand Drawn Images - Sketches

A new trend in graphic design is hand drawing. Dropbox has managed this method and created their very own unique style.

3.Unique layouts and personality

The balance in design is always the safe choice. But in 2018, things will be different. Designers have developed this style to a new level, bringing neutrality into well-balanced designs.

Symmetrical designs can only provide a "medium" and not special feel, which can not create the impression to attract viewers. So designers have made them more prominent by dividing the content into pieces on the same picture. Typically the content is half the image and half the text.

4.Design Elements - Overall Style

Designers always put lines, circles or curves into their work. These are very basic concepts and I'm sure they will not be replaced. However, the important thing that I want to say here is the combination, the perfect combination method.

  • Geometric Shapes: Styles that use shapes and inserts in designs to create highlights will continue to be a prominent trend in 2018.

  • Low Poly Design: This style will make the viewer visualize the 3D image. This is one of the trends that has dominated the design industry for years and in 2018 it will continue to be a hot trend. The designers often combine hand-painted, bright colors, "duotones" into this style to create modern, emotional works.


  • Use of typography: Fonts, font sizes, font colors, bold fonts, and whitespace are always important spices in a design. The key here is that you have to create designs that are just enough to grab the attention of the viewer and not make the viewer uncomfortable. They have to be close to impress and create simplicity.
  • Cropped Elements: This is a method that uses the trimming of the letters to create a unique look for the work. However, it still ensures that the viewer is able to read the cut text.
  • Semi flat design: Use shadow effect to create blocks for your designs. Viewers will find your work looks more real.


5.The Moving Visuals

Animation: Moving images are gradually gaining in popularity. We can see GIFs everywhere from e-news pages or in emails ... GIF is a form of combining multiple images together and it creates a sequence of images that feels like a short video.

Cinemagraphs: We will have a motionless image and the images (or background) around it are moving. This is a very effective method used in advertising brand or new products.


 Graphic design is a hot profession at the moment but to succeed in this area is not easy. If you are passionate about graphic design, start with the basics. Let start your work with images, then combine them with words, articles.

You should remember that nothing is certain in graphic design. This is a special work that promotes creativity. So, I can only give you a tip: always be creative, design your own unique pieces and most importantly, it must match the requirements of the customer.


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