As actor, how do you can promote your image and contact with your fan? The answer isyou can through the website.So what you need when it comes to creating a website to showcase your career. From a custom design, headshot galleries, demo reels and social media integration, we can make a website that is uniquely you.

There are some template you can choose for making your website unique.

They offer the actors an option to create a small ‘about me’ section and share it on their Twitter, Facebook and G+ accounts for their fans

Allow actors to label, present, promote and even sell their work online

Fully customizable and can be fit into any device from very wide desktop screens to very small smart phones.

Allow presentation of portfolios – thus they’re useful to both artists and photographers


1. Actor Personal Page Website Template – $64

Link download:

2. One Page Portfolio Actors Website Template – $14


Link download:


3.    Celebrity Muse Website Template

Link download:

4.    Actor WordPress Theme – $81.58

Link download:

5.    Actress Personal Page Template – $75

Link download:

6.    Actors – WordPress CMS Theme


Link download:

7.    Performance Actor Template – Free

Link download:

8.    Comedian Actor Personal Page Template – $69


Link download:

9.    Personal One WordPress Theme – $43

Link download:

10.  Movie Actor Personal Page Website Template – $67

Link download:




Squarespace is a great platform for small businesses and individuals that want to start selling online. You totally can create your own personal blog or website with this tool. This cloud-hosted program offers a dynamic style editor that enables extensive and robust customization.

Plus, the pricing packages are affordable for both individuals as well as companies. Top features include: direct editing, gallery blocks, audio collections, custom WYSIWYG editor, social links, and drag-and-drop management.


Some benefits of Squarespace

- Offers a range of images with rich and beautiful designer templates that are minimalistic yet sophisticated.

- The templates are intuitive and responsive, and optimized for easy viewing on mobile devices.

- Extensive customization and styling options.

- Integrated marketing and SEO tools make it simple for you to engage your potential and existing customers on multiple channels including Twitter, Facebook and more.

- You get unlimited cloud hosting at no extra cost. Plus, all created stores are Level 1 PCI compliant and safeguarded with 128-bit SSL encryption.

You can choose some tools below:

1. Shopify

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform that offers you easy tools to build your own responsive and appealing online store. Select from a wide range of professionally designed themes to give a corporate look to your store. Shopify is a great option for site building and online selling. The vendor offers a handy free trial plan to help you get started.

Of course, this functionality comes at a price: $14-$179 per month.

In addition to the online site builder, you also get a full blogging platform.  Protect financial transactions on your site with a free SSL certificate. You don’t have to worry about maintaining your site as it is hosted by Shopify and it takes care of updates and upgrades. On top of that, you can count on expert 24/7 customer support to get your issues resolved in quick time.

2. Weebly

Weebly is an online drag- and-drop site builder that you can use to create your own unique site or online store. The best part is you can use your mobile device to create and publish your site on.

Plus, you can benefit from integrations with more than 20 third-party apps that can be useful for your site or store. Buy your own domain from the vendor or make use of a subdomain provided by them.

A major highlight is the integrated SEO tool that enables your site to get organic traffic from popular search engines.  You also can make use of loads of professional themes that can be customized for business branding purposes.

3. Dudamobile

If you want to focus on mobile websites, DudaMobile is the right choice for you. The highlight is the solution is optimized for Google’s PageSpeed that help you to create sites fast and light.

Another benefit is you can create a small business website in much less time. Plus, the tools are user friendly including the drag-and-drop management functionality. The customizable dashboard displays all the main elements needed for development and you can also add more tools if needed. Those with coding skills can make us of the coding-based customization option.

And there are some squarespace alternatives that Sanvadore Briggman recommends to you:

4. Wix

Wix stands out as being one of the easiest to use website builders out there, aside from Squarespace. The company has a drag and drop website builder tool, hosting options, an app market, website themes, and ecommerce functionality. Wix is a great option if you’re just starting out and have limited coding knowledge.

If your website is meant to function as more of an extension of your existing business where customers can learn more information about you, then I think it could be a good long-term fit.

The price ranges from $10-$25/month.

5. WordPress

WordPress is one of the best platforms out there if you’re willing to learn a little bit about how a website works and want the best bang for your buck.

The great thing about WordPress is that you can take advantage of a lot of free online themes, plugins, a helpful support community, and professional premium website themes. It’s easier than ever to set up a good looking website in a few hours, whether that’s an ecommerce store or a professional portfolio.

Pricing: Free. Though some website building knowledge is needed.

6. Voog

Voog describes itself as “a mess-free platform that enables you to build awesome websites with a creative flow”. From a first glance after viewing the website’s homepage, the marketing is clearly appealing to the female demographic, with stylish typography and well-dressed female models.

Overall, the site comes off as being very easy to use and shows how the theme you choose for your website will render on the web and on mobile devices.

Pricing: €8 – €14 per month.

7. Webs

If you want to set up a website, Webs makes it pretty simple to get started, with the ability to choose from a variety of themes that are categorized by business industries and free or premium templates. Webs offers mobile-optimized themes and a drag and drop interface.

Webs also offers ecommerce store functionality, HD video storage, the ability to set up a simple membership website, and blogging tools. Whether you’re looking at Webs, Wix, Virb, or Voog, your choice will come down to which themes you like and the type of website you’re looking to set up.

The pricing starts at $6 and goes up to $23 per month.

8. Unbounce

Unbounce is my favorite of this list, although you can only set up certain types of websites using the software. Unbounce is great for setting up landing pages or simple websites that explain what your company does.

Where other website builders emphasize their mobile-optimized themes, social integration, and ecommece store functionality, Unbounce underscores how easy it is to take advantage of their A|B testing functionality, which is a marketer’s dream!

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, A|B testing is when you show different versions of the same page to a potential customer to make a data-driven decision as to which converts better, meaning which wording or layout causes more users to sign up to an email list or purchase your products.

The pricing starts at $50/month and goes up to $199/month.

9. Launchrock

One of the website builders out there, LaunchRock is probably the easiest to set up a quick landing or “coming soon” page to collect email addresses. It has a very approachable free version.

The paid version is $5 per month and allows you to use a custom domain, to alter the website’s CSS and HTML, and remove LaunchRock branding.

10. Virb

Although Virb had a strong start and still has some attractive features and website templates, it has gotten some bad press in the website development community after its acquisition by godaddy.

It might be worth checking out, the lack of ongoing improvement is a cause for concern if you’re looking for a long-term partner that will continue to host your website further down the road.

Pricing: $10 per month.

11. Jimdo

Jimdo supports more than 9 different languages across the world, making it one of the most globally acclaimed website builders.

It has a WYSIWYG editor that enables you to see how your website is shaping up, before publishing. It provides HD video integrations with the ability to change the resolution of videos to match the slower connections. The built-in blogging tool expedites the customization of the blog-section and ensures a seamless experience with your site.

Unlike Squarespace, Jimdo is uncomplicated, more economical and supported worldwide.

Cost: Free to $20 per month.

12. Woocommerce

Woocommerce is a powerful ecommerce toolkit, suitable for all kind of businesses who want to build their e-stores either from scratch, or by transforming any existing wordpress website.

The plugin is ofen sourced, has an intuitive interface and includes a robust set of tools and features. The extendability of woocommerce makes it easy for developers to craft customized integrations with almost any service provider. It offers complete support, and even has an active user-community of experts and business owners, to help you get started quickly.

Unlike Squarespace, Woocommerce offers more free extensions, customization opportunities, and payments gateways.

Cost: Varies.

13. Volusion

Volusion is a software as a solution (SAAS) service for creating full-featured webstores. It has typically been developed to grow with the business.

It has both free and premium, fully mobile responsive themes to make your site look impressive on tablets and smartphones as well. The built-in template editor can be used to edit both HTML and CSS stylesheets. It has all the features of a popular shopping cart, and integrates with over 30 payment gateways.

Unlike Squarespace, Volusion is more powerful and scalable, but cannot be setup for blogs.

Cost: $15 to $135 per month.

14. UKit

UKit is an intuitive, modern and budget friendly website building solution for all businesses.It is web-hosted and offers a vast collection of 250+ responsive templates catering to all business types. The sleek drag-and-drop editor is equipped with various web design elements and widgets for easy template customizations. It has a strong blogging tool with a number of tailored features, which provide a clean blogging experience.

Unlike Squarespace, uKit provides an integration with Ecwid, allowing users to expand and sell on a global scale.

Cost: $4/ to $12 per month.

15. 3Dcart

3Dcart is also an excellent hosted selling solution with loads of features for all small and large businesses.It uses the SaaS technology and offers over 50 free themes that are mobile responsive. The theme editors can be used to customize your own design, while the drag and drop editors can be used to adjust the widgets without touching the codes.

The 3Dcart app store offers several add-ons for order management, shipping, security, social media, drop shipping etc.

The pricing structure is based on bandwidth usage and the number of visitors a store hosts.

Unlike Squarespace, 3Dcart has an app store and integrates with over 100 payments gateways.

Cost: $29/ to $229 per month.

 16. IM Creator

IM Creator is a cloud-based site builder that you can use to build and maintain HTML5 sites, blogs, and online stores without coding skills. This application utilizes the WYSIWIG principle and generates sites that are compatible with all popular devices and browsers.

The simple drag-and-drop interface allows even novices to become professional web designers. Using IM Creator is very simple – choose a design, add your content and images, link to a domain, and publish the site – the process is smooth and seamless.  On top of that, the pricing plans are affordable and you get included unlimited hosting and email.

Main features include: Seasonal collections of themes, free custom email services, eCommerce solution, automatic image cropping and text re-sizing, and special options for designers.


There is no best tool, but one that is best suited for your company’s needs. If you really need to start your business, just try one of Squarespace alternatives above. Read more!






Romero is a kind of bold magazine theme that will make your site more sparkling. Your readers can love your site because of the huge full-width featured images and powerful homepage layout. They will highlight the content you’ve got on offer and responsive design.

This magazine WordPress theme is perfect for video game sites. With a clear layout for each item, you can easily design your website to talk about each of the different games. Besides, you can also bring your most unique, most impressive games to the top of the site like Unblocked games, Hot games, New games .


►You Can Find Something Similar At This Website: Happy Wheels Unblocked <= Click Here


Romero is stunningly easy to set up and use. This theme can take your site to the next level.

Showcase your content with Romero’s bold homepage design.

This magazine WordPress theme is built to show off your content. The homepage features a full-width featured post. Follow this with six more recent posts and finally shows other posts you’ve published recently.

You’ll be able to set up the homepage precisely how you want it and your readers will be able to find quickly the content they want. This is a double-recipe for your perfect homepage.

You Can Also Learn WordPress Theme: One Pager Wordpress Theme Free

Make your readers happy with responsive design. Your readers will love Romero’s responsive design. Responsive design makes a blog look great on desktop, tablet and mobile, so readers can take your blog wherever they like.

Use full-width featured images to keep readers engaged: Romero will keep your readers engaged with huge featured images at the top of your posts. These blend smoothly into the design and will give all your posts a professional look.

Get the look you want with customization options: it is easy to get the look you want with Romero’s customization options: use the Customizer to change settings and get an instant live preview of your changes. Get the look you want, press save and your changes are made instantly to your site.

Link download: Theme wordpress Romero


Stunning design, code and attention to detail: Not only will your blog look fantastic, but you’ll benefit from our decade of experience making WordPress themes: Romero is packed with features to keep readers on your site and deliver a stunning user experience.

Details such as intelligent related posts, a stylish next/previous post feature and “infinite scrolling” on the homepage and category archives give your site a professional look throughout.

Plus, your blog will benefit from Romero’s rock-solid code: all our themes follow the latest WordPress, search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility guidelines, making your website fast, popular with search engines and easy-to-use for all visitors.

Easy setup, detailed documentation and expert support if you need it: Whether this is your first premium WordPress theme or your hundredth, you’ll find Romero intuitive and easy to use. The theme is designed so that everything just works, and you can get on with creating content.

If you do need any help, we have detailed documentation so you can get an answer quickly. Pro Theme Design is a very small team, so if you do need support you’ll get the solution directly from Ben, our lead developer.

Great Features:

Social Links to Improve Your Online Presence: Give your website's visitors easily access to your social media channels with a special social links menu.

Expertly Reviewed Code: The code of theme has been reviewed line-by-line by the developer team, meaning you can be doubly confident the code is solid, reliable and secure – and your website will be too.

Responsive Design: Your website will look beautiful wherever it's viewed. Desktop, tablet or mobile – the responsive design adapts your site's layout to fit the screen size.

Translation Ready: International website? This theme is fully prepared for translations and includes support for a number of languages.



Website is an important tool for a lot of businesses in this digital age. It does not only work as a marketing tool but it also functions as an extension of your offline business. Building a unique professional business or corporate website these days is never been easier, thanks to WordPress.

They have all functions such as hosting, security, backups, software updates, and spam protection are all included. The tool has just launched the One Pager v1.3.2 – Responsive WordPress Business Theme version.

Building a website for a business today is not as costly and distressing as it was several years ago as there are custom-made business themes available on the web that go well with your business.


The One Pager v1.3.2 WordPress theme

The One Pager v1.3.2 WordPress theme includes everything you need to showcase your business, product or personal information on a single, beautiful scrollable page. Customize what modules to display, and in what order, with the flexibility of all our themes still tucked away in other page templates should you require. Pick from more than 300 designs, activate our powerful features inspired by the best plugins, and get a custom domain with a plan.

It is an awesome platform to display your products. Your business website allows you to list down all the reasons why your target clients or customers should try your product or service over other competitors. Some business owners even transact or receive payment through their website.


These themes are specially made to provide all the theme features that you need in promoting and managing your business online. If you want to create an outstanding and appealing website for your business, check out this collection of the best free WordPress business themes.


The gaming industry is growing each and every year, which makes it a market worth taking a look at. Casual gaming has exploded since the early days of the internet, from a PC based economy into the mobile and social realms, bringing with it a demographic of users not traditionally associated with video games.

Consoles are no longer the most popular gaming devices but they are still booming. I guess you might have noticed that latest Sony and Microsoft sold over 1 million Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in less than 24 hours. And gaming console market is far behind iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Windows Phone.

The console generation may no longer be in their heyday, but the consoles themselves are still able to make money. Sony and Microsoft still sells lots of Xbox Ones and Playstation 4s every day, bring in a no small amount of income for the companies. More importantly, we can’t forget to mention about the most popular gaming device currently which are the smartphones and tablets.

Gamers are currently being supported very well as nowadays, there are multiple ways to play games like using flash web, playing on the PC, console, mobile device... Because of that, now is the perfect time to participate in the gaming industry due to having a lot of potential with the enormous amount of gamers young and old, whether a grown-up or a kid, a guy or a girl can be a gamer. However, 1 of the most important factors for you to be able to create your own gaming community is the players’ first impressions about the visuals and the unique features of your game. This is a huge concern for game publishers as they try to show everything that’s great about their games through blogs, fanpages, homepages...

And so today, we would like to introduce you to 20 awesome WordPress themes for you to rely on, and from there you will find it easier to understand the success of the gaming industry.

1.Gillion (Trending Item)

Gillion is a WordPress theme that tells you about the publishing and online writing fields. It has a control panel that’s in charge of many functions and can meet most of your requirements. It was created by Visual Composer and combined with Unyson. There are multiple pre-existing features that are easy to use with just a few simple commands. Gillion is designed to fit with different screen sizes from PCs to tablets and smartphones.

Besides that, Gillion has also optimized the SEO and especially the page’s load speed, giving the viewers’ a better experience when entering your page. You can say that this is truly an awesome theme for you to advertise your game so you should try it now!


2.Newsmag PRO

At number 2 is Newsmag PRO, a theme that’s design leans more towards the magazine type with incredibly versatile features. It has a beautiful style that attracts viewers along with some handy features. Newsmag PRO is a standard for many types of subjects and fits with every career so you can use it to advertise any product you want. Newsmag PRO has multiple features used for designing websites, reviews, blogs... and multiple pre-existing designs for you to choose for your website and save a lot of time.

Game websites are especially suitable with Newsmag PRO because it was designed with the ability to quickly adapt onto mobile, show pictures that have a high capacity very quickly, making the page load faster so that gamers don’t have to wait for a long time to see your website. With multiple options to choose from, you can easily show the introductions, the reviews or the popular posts on the market... at the best and most easy-to-see locations.



Newspaper is a WordPress News theme that is known by many and has multiple versions sold. The theme allows you to design a website in the most spectacular and attracive way possible. It has an easy-to-view interface as well as features that meet the viewers’ requirements. Newspaper brings in the "Mobile theme” from tag Div to make your website pretty, and have a faster load time when viewed from any type of screen.

One aspect of Newspaper is that its design to handle a huge load, being able to run smoothly even with accessing it multiple times as well as store a lot of content with no sign of lagging. The admin tool’s design is also easy to view which helps you understand and manage your website more easily.



Magellan is a WordPress theme with an elegant look that is leaning a bit towards the technological side, though it is very easy to use and has a fast load time. Magellan was created to help you make evaluation systems, review, share information...

With features like writing articles, uploading pictures, videos... Magellan is truly suitable for making reviews, introductories, sharing information about games, and can even have demos for the games. Your customers will be able to evaluate and see other people’s evaluations through the theme’s own evaluation system which is incredibly useful, convenient and reliable. Try Magellan for yourself and you’ll see its differences.



Malabar is a versatile theme, with a very youthful-looking design. Malabar has a strong foundation, allowing you to create a personal website very quickly. You can create a website or a magazine site with stunning designs that’s easy to look at using only a few simple actions. Malabar allows you adjust the layouts to make the design of the website more vibrant and fit with how you want it to be while also providing you with an incredibly handy admin tool containing multiple features. Malabar’s foundation is also really solid, allowing your website to always operate smoothly and stably.

Malabar is designed to fit with any foundation, any type of device and any screen size. That is also the reason why people often use Malabar to create websites the talk about gams. You can experience the popular features of a website like putting videos into the site, creating a posts-evaluating system for viewers, a comment section for viewers to freely discuss with each other...



If you’re looking for a modern, stable and elegant WordPress theme, SevenMag is the theme for you. It’s entirely suitable for making magazines, games, news, reviews, asdvertisements and blogs on websites. There are a lot of awesome features for both PC and mobile devices, and works with all screen sizes.

Your website will have RTL support for every language in the world. The introductory version of the feature allows you to try out pre-existing content templates. The loading speed of this theme will really surprise you as this is SevenMag’s big advantage.

Your website’s symbol can be used to identify text or pictures so you can upload anything you want. SevenMag is even compatible with the Retina screen with its high resolution.



CrystalSkull is a theme that has a perfectly beautiful image design. With its colorful visuals and having a handful of features, using modern technology and having a friendly interface, this is truly a theme that fits with the subject about media, game magazines or the types of review blogs. CrystalSkull is an awesome and flashy theme, design by the gaming community. The user interface of CrystalSkull s familiar-looking to help viewers feel comfortable when accessing your website.

CrystalSkull contains a lot of modern technology, from W3C’s HTML5 to CSS3’s moving images as well as a roll feature and an impressive Parallax effect. With CrystalSkull, your viewers will be amazed by the technological power that your website shows.



Blackfyre is a reliable search tool, with a modern and user-friendly interface that works with the gaming themes. Blackfyre is a theme that was developed and programmed to serve the gaming community with its many cool features. The theme provides features like letting users make accounts, form Guilds with unique features depending on the creator’s needs.

Blackfyre integrates a Visual Composer which allows you to create websites with your own unique designs. The theme also supports videos, the Parallax effect and much more, as well as having lots of handy features based on Widget such as an evaluation system. With it, you can manage your gaming community more easily. Start your game with Blackfyre!



With Gameleon, you can create your own unique gaming website and impress the viewers. With multiple great and handy features, Gameleon will be a wonderful choice for your projects, and once you know how to use Gameleon you’ll want it immediately.

If you are not looking to make a gaming wbsite, then that is such a waste. Ever since the the newsest update, this theme has no other gamer versions with a simliar function though its unique design is noteworthy.



Buddy is the 10th theme that I want to introduce to you. This is a WordPress theme with a refined and modern design and can accomodate the need of any type of website, whether it be about business, gaming, online communities, magazines, tourism, service... Buddy is an ideal choice for subjects on PC and mobile gaming. It’ll help you to easily create a website that is unlike any other.

If you have the intent of making a website then you should give Buddy a shot.



Soledad is a versatile theme that’s easy to use. Its design is modern, eye-catching and impressive-looking. Soledad is made for the development of websites using the latest technology with a beautiful interface. Soledad gives you over 300 unique sample pages and from there you’ll find the difference between Soledad and other themes and come to find that this theme is perfect for your every demand, no matter what it is.

Soledad has a design that’s oriented towards creativeness, like the websites about photography, tourism, fashion... It has features like choosing a library and adjusting lightboxes, sidebars. It can also help you create special comfortable user experiences. Soledad is compatible with WooCommerce, which allows you to turn Soledad into a unique product, an online store or a service website in a short amount of time, with full cohesion and synchronization. Soledad’s Bootstrap foundation will help it run well on every device and browser.



The Forca theme is designed for playing games, making useful websites, with subjects like sports, vehicles... With a signature evaluation system and a customizable design for the diverse subjects, Forca promises to bring you an incredibly high-class design.

Forca was developed and programmed by the latvian community so if you find that there are faults or have any complaints about it, you can contact them.



In the gaming industry, any publisher is concerned with advertising their products. GoddLife is one of the few themes that can help publishers with advertising their products. You can see that it has a very professional-looking layout, with an awesome, easy-to-see design and is compatible with all devices.

GoodLife allows you to freely design however you like by using the Premium Composer plugin (Visual Composer). With this feature, you’ll be able to customize almost all of the settings until you are completely satisfied with your website.

The viewer’s avatar, separate icons for each post or the evaluation system are some of GoodLife’s typical features. However, you can customize even further like for example sorting posts by number of views and comments...



FunnyGames is a modern WordPress theme that is highly customizable (thanks to the folks at Flexithemes). FunnyGames was specifically made for creating gaming websites and blogs.

FunnyGames even lets you create an online store in it. Further more, this theme has multiple customization options to help make it easier for you to add things like advertisement banners, quick view pop-ups, HOT content... in easy-to-see spots.



GamesPad is a WordPress theme with a classic style for gamers that is suitable for blogs and websites that talk about games. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful designs and interface, all looking perfect for you to add game images and introduce them to everyone.

The GamesPad’s features are quite reasonable for the subject of games. There will be social media links for you like Facebook and Twitter for viewers to easily link to the large communities. You may be interested with the advertisement options that GamesPad provide like having advertisements appear in posts or in the titles depending on your own policies. You are also able to add an online store to your website.


16.Skt Magazine

In the 16th spot is a theme with a beautiful design, the name Skt Magazine speaks for its compatibility with web samples about the press, especially on the subject of games. Skt Magazine’s designs makes it look very modern and eye-catching. This theme’s features are alsovery interesting. You’ll have reviews from gamers, can enlarged or retract images in the posts...

The theme has web demos that you can find and pick for the one that fits with your intentions. You can add social media links like Facebook and Twitter into your website as Skt Magazine supports this. Besides that, the theme is also compatible with multiple WordPress plugins like Facebook Comments, Nextgen Gallery, WooCommerce…and more.


17.Game Center

This is a WordPress theme that talks about the subject of games and has a simple but elegamt design with multiple features, options and is overall easy to use. It gives you hints on prefered color combinations (for example gamers like black and blue), and the theme will even allow you to upload pictures or related videos, disscusion topics as well as reviews from the gaming community.

Adding to it, Game Center also allows you to add social media links and personal icons on each post.



Minefun is a WordPress theme that brings the familiarity from Minecraft (a video game with pixelized graphics). Minefun has a green interface and a decorated slider bar on the main page. This slider bar will have links to posts which will give the user easier access to the posts in your website.

The theme has a design that’s specifically for uploading videos so you can introduce the features of a game for viewers to see as well as allowing viewers to go to the game’s social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter...



In the 19th spot, we have Gamescript. This theme mostly centered on gaming. It has many awesome features that will surely leave a powerful impression on gamers, an example being that you can upload large images with high capacities as well as game introduction videos.

Gamescript also allows you to create an online store where you can easily sell your product right onthe website. Another interesting feature is that it comes with Google Map which allows customers to easily find their way to your store. There are social media icons to help customers track and share the information about your products through Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.



The final theme in this review that I want to introduce to you is Paraxe, a theme that has an incredibly eye-catching and professional-looking design.

With its design being mainly for blogs and game magazines, Paraxa has a dark background in combination with the Parallax effect that will leave a strong impression on everyone that comes to your website. The social media icons are placed on the top, a location that’s incredibly easy to spot by customers. Paraxe also has an auto-translate feature that helps people who speak in different languages understand more easily what’s written on the website. Finally, with its diverse and unique features, Paraxe allows you to freely design a website however you want it to be.



As soon as you install WordPress, the next job may be installing a WordPress theme. Theme and plugin are two things that make the flexibility and power of WordPress.

Talking about the theme, you have two choices: free and paid theme. With a paid theme, you will have many things such as adequate documentation, powerful features, and support when you get stuck. Of course, you have to pay a fee. If you have just started a website and your money is not much, a free theme is the way to go. Saying this does not mean that all free themes are "not good".

Many theme providers have released free versions of the theme with limited functionality over the paid version. But you still have a theme with beautiful interface, optimization SEO and fast loading. You will see this in a collection of free beautiful WordPress themes in my article.

Are you curious about them?

Let's start exploring


First is Hestia, this is a beautiful free WordPress theme. It has a neat and trendy design Material. Theme designed a suitable page as the theme of introducing the company (service). Besides, it is compatible with Woocommerce. So you can easily build an online sales page.

  • Fuction:
    • Responsive design.
    • Integrated free tool Site Origin.
    • SEO Friendly.
    • Integrated Sendiblue (email registration form).
    • Live Customizer.
    • Update with just one click.


This is a free enterprise theme but the interface is as professional as the paid theme. Theme featured with image slider and simple design.

  • Fuction:
    • Parallax background.
    • Responsive layout.
    • 600 fonts from Google Font.
    • Integrated social buttons.
    • Header style static image or slider.

3.Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite is a one-page enterprise theme with a full-width image as the background and a simple white menu bar at the top. Zerif Lite has a colorful interface with a very attractive "parallax" effect. You can use this theme for online stores. Overall this is a beautiful and subtle theme.

  • Fuction:
    • Code neat.
    • Parallax effect.
    • Woocommerce integration.
    • There is an Options panel theme.


The 4th is ShopIsle. This is a beautiful and free selling theme with a full-screen slider and a neat design.

  • Fuction:
    • Compatible with Woocommerce.
    • Responsive design.
    • Contact form.
    • Easy to translate into another language.


This is a reviewable WordPress theme for the magazine site, or affiliate site. The impression of this theme is the professional review framework provided by the WP Product Review plugin.

  • Fuction:
    • Responsive design.
    • Slider responsive.
    • Beautiful comment frame (integrated with WP Product Review).
    • Slider for the product.


Sixth place is Theme WordPress, a free theme that is suitable for business, portfolio, startup and freelancer sites. OnePress has gorgeous designs with parallax effects and beautiful animations.

  • Fuction:
    • Responsive design.
    • 2 background slide.
    • Support Woocommerce.
    • Parallax effect.
    • Hero section.


7.Parallax One

Hestia is a beautiful free WordPress theme. It has a neat and trendy design Material. Theme designed a suitable page as the theme of introducing the company (service). Besides, it is compatible with Woocommerce. So you can easily build an online sales page.

  • Fuction:
    • Responsive design.
    • Parallax effect.
    • Multiple color options.



ColorMag is a very popular free magazine theme on The theme is beautifully designed and sophisticated with visual content structure.

  • Fuction:
    • Optional boxed or wide layout.
    • Over 15 widget areas and 5 custom widgets.
    • 6 social buttons.
    • 1 custom menu.


 9.Newsmag Lite

Ninth place is a free magazine theme with neat and beautifully sophisticated design. The multi-layered theme gives you a professional-looking magazine page.

  • Fuction:
    • Load photos and advertising by Lazy.
    • Friendly ads.
    • Responsive design.
    • Avatar has parallax effect.


10.AccessPress Parallax

AccessPress Parrallax is a one-page theme with smooth parallax effects. You can use the theme for any field you like. Overall, this is a beautiful and eye-catching theme.

  • Fuction:
    • Responsive design.
    • Multiple layouts for the header.
    • There is an advanced configuration for the post.
    • SEO friendly.
    • Separate theme options.



11 is a simple WordPress theme for a personal blog with a masonary layout. The header and post sections have very unique crossover lines as the name of the theme. The theme has the left menu sliding in/out and the black/white interface is very eye-catching and professional

  • Fuction:
    • Responsive design.
    • SEO friendly.
    • There are Google Fonts.
    • Integrated social networking (social link).


Astrid is a beautiful free WordPress theme suitable for company referral sites. It has full screen design and customizable theme options built into the Customizer.

  • Fuction:
    • Woocommerce compatibility.
    • Responsive design.
    • Many customizable widgets for building pages.
    • Optional color.
    • Have Portfolio.

13.Llorix One

Llorix One is a beautiful page theme for company introductions and startup websites. Like most themes of this type, Llorix One has a unique and smooth parallax effect.

  • Fuction:
    • Responsive design
    • Parallax scroll effect
    • One page style design
    • Social link


Spacious is a free multi-functional theme with neat and beautiful interface. You can use it to introduce your business, portfolio, blog site or whatever page you want.

  • Fuction:
    • 12+ widget area.
    • 5+ custom widgets.
    • SEO optimization.
    • Optimized load speed.
    • Customizable theme built into the customizer (live customizer).

15.Rokophoto Lite

15 is a free WordPress theme for photographers. It has a full-screen header image and you can customize it with any image you like. The post appears with a nice fade-in effect when you scroll down.

  • Fuction:
    • Responsive design.
    • Customization options.
    • Ready to translate into another language.
    • Built-in social networking buttons.



Zillah is a free WordPress theme for bloggers and writers looking for a simple and eye-catching blog. The theme is modern and optimized for the reading experience.

  • Fuction:
    • SEO Friendly.
    • Unlimited color.
    • Live Customizer.
    • Full-width slider section.
    • Author Box in each article.

17.Restaurant Theme

Free WordPress theme for restaurants or places related to food and drink. This theme has a Page Builder tool (TemplateMonster) that makes it easy to build your site without having to touch any lines of code.

  • Fuction:
    • Many layout options.
    • Manage reservations with the Appointment Manager plugin.
    • Live Customizer.
    • SEO friendly.
    • Integrate Google Fonts.



A WordPres theme with Parallax effects for developers, freelancers and designers to showcase their profiles and projects (portfolio). Theme easy customization through Customizer.

  • Fuction:
    • Responsive design.
    • Parallax roll effect.
    • Easily customize every aspect of the theme.
    • There are portfolios and price lists.


19 is a free WordPress theme for news magazine websites. Theme featured with eye-catching and colorful design.

  • Fuction:
    • Carousel slider.
    • Ad banner.
    • Review system.
    • Color is not limited.
    • Instagram feed.


Bento is a free multitasking WordPress theme with lots of customization options and powerful features that allow anyone to create a professional website. You can use this theme to create any type of website you want from personal blog, company site to corporate portal and online sales site.

  • Fuction:
    • Visual Content Builder.
    • Flexible grid layout.
    • Woocommerce Interaction.
    • Theme Options Panel with lots of settings.
    • Ready to translate into another language.


onMag is a beautiful free WordPress magazine theme. A perfect theme for news sites, magazines, and review sites. Using this theme feels like you are using the famous paid “Newspaper” theme.

  • Fuction:
    • Retinal ready design.
    • Live drag-and-drop page builder.
    • Integrated ad system.
    • Social counter widget with 10 unique styles.
    • SEO optimization.
    • Compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress.


22 is a WordPress theme, a free site for small businesses. Theme has a full screen layout and beautiful interface with unique parallax effects.

  • Fuction:
    • Parallax effect.
    • Social icon.
    • The interface is simple and unique.


Point is one of the 16 free themes of the popular MyThemeShop theme (provider). Point is a simple theme for blogs. It has a simple interface, modern design, with a white background.

  • Fuction:
    • SEO optimization.
    • Customizable Widgets.
    • Customized background and unlimited colors.
    • Evaluation system.

24.Regina Lite

A simple, clean theme for health and medical sites. The theme has a wide layout, full-bandwidth header and an appointment form, and a professional interface.

  • Fuction:
    • Retina ready.
    • Responsive
    • Support Woocommerce.



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