Brand Free Licensing

Brand free licensing allows you to remove the “powered by theme time” link in the footer

What Exactly Is Branding Free ?

Our free wordpress themes are always 100% free, all we ask is that you keep the footer link going back to intact. You’ll usually find the link somewhere in the footer worded something like “powered by theme time” or “designed by theme time“. This attribution link lets others know who developed the theme and in additon allows them to download and seek support for it.

Now despite the above rule we understand that some people may wish to remove this link. For these instances we offer a brand free license giving the purchaser permission to remove our branding from the footer of the theme.

Each license is valid for a single domain so if you’re using our theme on multiple domains and want it brand free for all of them, you’ll have to purchase a license for each domain.

How Much Does It Cost ?

Each theme has it’s own price for going brand free so you’ll have to check our shop for the latest prices. In general the price is around the $10-$20 mark.

Do I Need To Pay For Brand Free Licensing On Your Premium Themes ?

The simple answer is no. All of our premium themes come with brand free licensing included. Once you purchase one of our premium themes it’s yours to use completely link free.

How Do I Go Brand Free ?

Head over to the free wordpress themes section of our site and find the theme you want to go brand free for! Once you’re there click on the button that says “Brand Free”.

This will take you to our shop where you can purchase the relevant license. Once you’ve got what you need and complete payment we’ll serve you a valid license storing your domain and details on our database. At the same time we’ll also forward you a new copy of the theme without the footer link.

Remember to keep your login details as if you ever need to download the theme again you can do so by logging in at any time. If you ever decide to sell your license or need to transfer your license to another domain you’ll need these details handy. Lastly if you have any other problems or questions about your license just drop us an email and someone will get back to you.

All Finished!

That’s it, download your updated theme files and you’re all set to go!