Dark Effect

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Dark Effect

Theme Summary

A high quality 3 column wordpress theme with inbuilt style switcher offering a blue, yellow and green color change.


This theme has been downloaded 10011 times.


This is a Free theme but you must keep our footer link intact. If you'd like to remove our footer link you can do so by purchasing brand free license. For more details click here.

Dark Effect V2 – The updated version of the original release, all the bugs have now been fixed and the side bars and banners are totally customizable! It features three different styles the user can pick between, also saving their choice in a cookie.

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  1. süper bi Tema :)
    Good By Theme :) )

  2. Hi Jordan,

    All your concerns have now been fixed and you can re-download the theme from this page.

    Everyone else, thanks for the comments on Dark Effect :)

  3. How can I exclude one or more categories from the main page? There is a FAQ on this in the Codex, but your front page coding is a little more complex than the Codex FAQ talks about, so I’m not entirely sure :)

  4. Does the tag works?

    it seems not. i can only quote, but I need something different for the code..

  5. I wasn’t aware you could do that? Have you managed to work it out? If so, could you post the code you used here so i can include it in future themes :)

  6. I am using your theme Dark Effect. And am wondering if I can have categories in the blog roll/ that is blogroll organised as categories- like in my other blog: http://raws.adc.rmit.edu.au/~E57138/blog2/

  7. When I use lightbox js with the dark effect theme, the images come up with a gray border around them and no captions. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks.

  8. hi, please disregard my previous post. I figured that one out. Can you tell me where to get the new version? I downloaded this theme (using the “download theme” link above) on 6/26 and I still have the bugs that Jordan mentioned on post #2 (6/19). Thanks!

  9. Hello Michelle,

    I must have forgot to update the zip file on this page.

    You can download the latest version from here:


  10. Couple things I’ve noticed in DE2.. (which I really like.. :) )
    1. The readme about changing the banners is incorrect. You have to change the banner images, yes, but the css is coded to use ‘misty.jpg’ where the banners are. I had to change all three css files:

    background:url(img/blue/blue-banner.jpg) no-repeat center;

    2. Lines 64-69 of ‘header.php’ have incorrect alt tags. No big deal. There are a number of areas where code/comments reference what I’m guessing was an old color scheme of red/blue/green. That’s a little confusing if you’re trying to follow the code and you don’t realize the red style actually means orange…

    That’s it. Thanks for the style!

  11. Like Michelle and Jordan above, I am still experiencing the same bugs they mentioned using both the version I downloaded from this site and the version I downloaded from themes.wordpress.net.

  12. #14 – Incorrect Readme – This is due to the updated zip files being added to themes.wordpress.net (it adds new files but doesn’t delete old ones).

    #15 – So you can’t use any widgets with Dark Effect? And you cannot exclude the pages on the top navigation?

    I’m pretty certain both zip files have been updated successfully, more so on themes.wordpress.net

  13. No, I can’t exclude pages.

    I CAN use widgets, but sidebar1 and sidebar2 are switched as Jason said in #2.

    And no, I don’t see a Theme Control Panel as Jason mentioned in his point #1.

    I’m not sure the correct files are available. The themes.wordpress.com page still says June 12 on it:

  14. Hi again! I downloaded from the link you gave, but like Bryan said the issues are still there:
    Right side bar and left side bar are switched
    The calendar has not title on it when when not used in the default setting.

    Still, great theme! Thanks so much for making it available!

  15. I have a question about teh top menu bar. It seems that you can only add to that menu bar by creating a page. I wanted to create a link that goes somewhere else but nowhere in the php files can I find the menu/navigation. Can you alter a link to go somewhere else or do u have to add pages to create an icon button on the top menu? Thanks

  16. Hey Hiram,

    If you open header.php and go to the section that has < div id= " navigation " or something, you'll see where you can add your own links.

    Make sure you format the link like this: < li > your link < /li > (without the spaces)

  17. I have tried changing the banners, but for some reason they all point to a file named misty. i have tried to change the css files to correct the error #main-image{

    background:url(img/blue/blue-banner.jpg) no-repeat center;

    but the banners do not change. Can any body help……..


  18. Hey Teri,

    Sorry about the confusion – press ALT + refresh a few times whilst this page is open, then click the download button again, the zip file has been updated.

    All you have to do is replace the banners inside the /blue/ – /orange/ and /green/ folders now.

  19. Reference to comment #22. I got a brand free copy yesterday and the problem still persisted after I changed the banners inside the /blue/ – /orange/ and /green/ folders .
    Is there something on the code that would still refernce the misty.jpg file?


  20. Teri,

    I’ll go email you the new branded free zip file with the bug fixes.


  21. ref. to item # 24 .thank you very much. It worked perfect

  22. Any updates on the things mentioned in posts #17 and 18 above?

    Also, where in the code would I go to remove the color changing feature? I’d prefer to stick with the gold theme and not allow users to change it.

  23. Where do I go to change the height of the widgets text box? I am trying to insert google adsense codes in them.

    Thanks and great template!


  24. Greetings- Great theme! Iam just wondering how I can go about changing the color of the text in each theme? Reason being I dont particularly like the color of the “orange”, and my new banner has a slightly darker orange. I would like to be able to change that so that the default color is closer to my banner. Thanks for any help guys and gals!

  25. **Previous post solved**
    I just opened the css style files style, style2, style3 and replaced every instance of the font color I didnt want, and replaced with the font color I wanted. Worked like a charm!

  26. Sorry, one last question. On the posts, anytime u link a graphic there is a line that comes up underneath it. Is there anyway to get rid of it? I’m trying to link graphics but each one has a link line placed under it and i dont know where to go in the PHPs to change it. Thanks!

  27. Hi sorry for another question, everytime i try and link a graphic there is an underlying link that i cant seem to get rid of. is there anyway to remove that line under the graphics after u link it? thanks


  28. sorry, didnt see my first question post. didnt mean to post it twice

  29. never mind, i figured how to do it. lol. thanks!

  30. Hi Gents: I am having an issue with the RSS widget ONLY when I use this theme…and I LOVE this theme and really want to use it. Here is the exact issue:
    1) On the widget page add an RSS widget.
    2) Drag it to either sidebar.
    3) Add a valid RSS feed. Enter a valid name. Enter a valid count of 5. Close the dialog. (I am using http://rss.slashdot.org/Slashdot/slashdot, Slashdot, and 5 to test.)
    4) Hit the button on the widget page to save changes.

  31. #26 – Refresh this page and re-download the theme, the sidebars are still switched, that was a mistake – but the page options defiantly work etc, you would goto wp-admin > presentation > Dark Effect Options

    #28 – I’m not so sure where to change the height, but an easier way of adding google adsense to your blog is to open sidebar.php, copy some previous code like for example:

    cat name

    And paste it where you want the ads, then replace the middle section, this time it’s “” with your google adsense code. Save and upload :)

    #29 – Great :)

    #30 – sample the color you want to change using any web or photoshop tool, then, find and replace that color code in your style.css

    #32, search your style.css sheet for ‘border-bottom:1px dotted
    Remove all entries.

  32. #34. For some .reason the last line got cut off…here is the rest.
    5) Immediately after hitting save changes the RSS widget disappears completely from the admin screen. When I try this with the default theme that ships with WordPress I do NOT have this issue.

    Has anyone seen this before? Can they help me figure out a fix?

  33. John (#36) – I have had the same problem. The only “fix” I’ve found is to create multiple RSS widgets and simply not used the one labeled RSS1. The RSS1 widget has a habit of simply disappearing from both the sidebars and from the available widgets area.

  34. Bryan (#36) – You ROCK! That worked. I used RSS2 and it did not disappear. At least I have a work around. Thanks! :-D

    FYI. I just finished new banners for my site which uses this theme. I am proud of them as I did them myself. Take a look! :-)

  35. For this theme, when I want to show the post counts after categorie, the number will go to next line, how can I change this ?

  36. The same problem is for Archive counts, it will go to next line as well, Please have a look here: http://www.specialdutch.com

  37. I’m loving the theme but have one question that I had not seen mentioned above: Is there a way to add more than just the three color schemes?
    I used ‘Vistered Little 1.7.4′ by Windy Road & Nik Iliadis for a few days then got so annoyed with it I went looking for something better. The only thing I -did- like was the wallpaper/auto thumbs function and would like to tweak this MUCH BETTER theme to mimic that feature. Any ideas?

  38. Great theme. I will be using in my new blog.

    Thanks :)

  39. hi how could i edit the footer, i donot want to remove anything just to enable the wp-stats plugin i need to add a few lines of code

  40. Please let me know what you need to add, from the looks of it the footer is just missing the wp_footer() line.. let me know and i will update the footer for you.


  41. Hi admin

    thanks for the reply, yes i need a footer line for the worpress.com stats to retrieve the hits and something like this will work i think, thnks

  42. I have the same request, I would like to add in footer the code from statistics and some links-echange. One posibiliti is to edit this theme, and let it have 2 footers. A normal one, wich can be edited, and another one the footer with your links

  43. Hi Crisiti,

    If you want a footer link free version its just $10 via paypal. Otherwise I have updated the footer to include the extra code so most plugins will work.

    Please download a fresh copy and try it again. However if you still have problems please send me the link to the plugin you are using and I will test it again.


  44. Hi, i get this error with the new version of wordpress

    Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The first argument should be either a string or an integer in /home/1111/public_html/****/wp-includes/category-template.php on line 176


  45. Thanks for the info, I will try it out can you also confirm the exact version of wordpress you are using ?

  46. Just upgraded to WordPress 2.3 and I am getting the exact same error stated above. Thanks,


  47. I also upgraded to 2.3 and I’m experiencing the same issue. Using another theme with hopes that this one get updated.

  48. Hi guys,

    We recently upgraded this theme to work with wordpress 2.3 if you download it again it should be fully updated and bug free…

    If you continue to have problems please either email me or post your blog and the specific error you are getting.


  49. HI admin, when i use a text widget in sidebar it displays all the contents in form of a table like appearance, but i have some images to display (thumbnails )in a group is there is any way you can remove the table like appearance for text widget. the images i use are pretty smaller 50* 52 so i would not be ideal to display one image per row


  50. Im not sure about the table as we dont really use tables, can you tell me your blogs url so i can take a look and see what can be done :)


  51. have a look at it everything in text get listed in form of rows….example channels.


  52. hi admin,

    did u happen to see it, the text gets row in channels sidebar in my page.

    techsam :)

  53. How hard would it be to add back the “Did You Know”, to the undated version?

  54. techsam: I went to take a look but you were using some other theme. The best thing is to use the contact form on this site and contact me directly :) I will be happy to help you out.

    KraziJoe: Again not too sure what you mean so again contact me directly via the contact form or alternatively msn messenger chat me on z_durrani@hotmail.com


  55. Hi admin,
    i think you was visting my site with the themes, ok still im using ur current theme may be u can look at it now

  56. Hi admin,
    i think you was visting my site while i am updating the themes, ok still im using ur current theme may be u can look at it now and help to fix my problem.

  57. I am using your Dark Effect Reloaded Theme and I love it…seriously. I am curious to know why is that when I look at through firefox my blog looks great, but when I use IE all the content is pushed to the bottom of the page. In other words the sidebars are in the normal position but the middle (the actual content) is pushed below the left sidebar. Can someone help me to solve this problem. Thanks

  58. I would be happy to help you out, please contact me direct using the contact us page on the site…

    A quick look and im not sure why you’re having this problem as our demo site seems to render perfectly fine in IE… However it could be something to do with the content you’re pasting, or alternatively have you modified the css style sheet in anyway or anything else for that matter ? It would be best if we go through this over email… :)


  59. Very cool theme..Good work :)

  60. I got this error, how do i fix it??

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /www/110mb.com/d/b/z/-/p/l/a/n/dbz-planet/htdocs/online-episode/test/index.php on line 1

  61. Im not sure have you made any changes to our theme, please contact us using the contact form on the site so we can take a look.

  62. I like your theme a lot but ever since I had to upgrade the theme to the latest version because of word press, I noticed that the option to change the banner header has been removed. Is there a way that I can place my own banner manually?

    Thank you

  63. Yes thats very easy, but im not sure what you mean by the option has been removed ?

    The files you need to replace are


    Simply use the images you want instead of the ones already there by re-naming them to
    the respective names above and upload. These files are located here:



  64. I love the DarkEffect theme and I am using it on my site. I use WP as a front end for my forums, gallery, etc.

    Is there any way to either get link Categories to show on the Sidebar or failing that, rename the Section from Blogroll to something else?

    Also is there any way to set which of the color schemes gets used as a default?

  65. well i’m using this theme for my new blog.really great ^.^ thanks for make this.however i have problem.can i turn off read more plugin?i mean show full post when i click on Categories.

  66. sorry for double comment ^.^! well i already manage to show full post on archive page.However another problem is comment don’t show below post.it have link Posted in author | 1 Comment >>.when click on it,comment and post comment post box show up.how can i default comment show off on archive page? ^.^! sorry for trouble you much .my bad english ^.^!

  67. well me again ^.^!.i just fixed this problem.you forgot add $withcomments=1 ahead comments_template(); on archive.php page:

    Hope this will help.Thanks for great theme ^.^

  68. I’ve noticed a couple of bugs in this theme, namely when I ‘disable’ a link from appearing in the navigation, when I actually view the blog and click the colour icons to change colour styles, the navigation bars I set to hide appear again.

    Any idea of a fix? Also, which file do i edit to remove the ‘back to top’ link, I find it irritating.

    Thank you.

  69. Thanks so much for this Theme, i am about to get the Branding free option. As this theme is just awsome, i love everything about it!

    This is just such a good deal. And until i am done editing certain things, i am gonna use it!



  70. Helo i have a question can i dowload this anf put it at freewebs?????????????? please any person help me if so how can i do it?????

  71. hello ^^ looks like someone delete my post ^^ well i was just asking if this work at freewebs??

  72. No one deleted the topic, it just wasnt approved.

    Anyway not sure if it will work at freewebs as I have never used it but to get this working you need to have an installation of wordpress setup (Needs PHP & MySQL), if freewebs allow that then yes you probably can.

  73. I wrote in a while back about the “previous entries” button being lost after upgrading to V2. I haven’t heard back, but here is the code that was missing if anyone else has this issue.

    Love the theme!

    //   //

  74. Is there any way to force the site to load the “blue” theme by default, instead of the Yellow theme?
    Thank you, I love the Dark Effect theme.

  75. Hi,
    I’m using Dark Effect, and I’m very pleased with it, I only have one question, a few weeks ago the links at the bottom of pages ‘next’ and ‘previous’ disappeared.

    What could have caused this? I have deactivated some new plugins to see if they came back this way, but no luck.

    Any idea how this is possible? and how I could get them back ?
    Otherwise a very good theme, can’t wait for futher upgrades.

  76. Detorn & AviationNews

    For previous entries here is the code.


    Yes you can load any theme you want by default, you simply need to remove the theme switcher code and remove references to the stylesheet for the other colors. hope that helps. We can make custom changes for $25


  77. Is this theme compatible with wordpress 2.3.3 and 2.5.1???

  78. Hi, I have mobilized aviationnews to http://mobile.aviationnews.eu but i noticed that in the footer now visible there are a great number of links to porn-sites, these links also disterb my RSS feed, an error when trying to acces the feed.

    do you know a way to get rid of these porn-links? I can’t find them

  79. Hi, I purchased your brand free download of dark effect but have not received it yet. Am I supposed to receive it from email or do I need to somehow download it with receipt number? Can you point me in the right direction of who to follow up with since I’m not getting a response via email? Thanks

  80. Hi susan,

    I just tried to email it your email address and it bounced. Can you check your email address is ok, so i can resend the download link for you.

    Many thanks.

  81. Hi
    Can you try this new email also. Both are working and it didn’t go to my spam file. Susan

  82. Hi,
    I received your test email. Did you get my response? Susan

  83. Hi,

    I’d like to use this theme, but I am finding that posts where images are aligned left or right don’t look right. The text will not wrap around the image?

  84. Awesome theme, I love it. Where can I move my sidebars? I want my blog to have the content on the far left, then the two sidebars on the right, but can’t find any where to change it.


  85. can i use this theme in blogspot ? if so which file should i use to upload this theme ?

  86. Hi, I am using Dark Effect on a a friends site and when viewing the source code the following appears.

    After searching through all the files I could not locate it anywhere. Have you seen and/or experienced this before? Thanks!

  87. Wups the code didn’t appear.

    See if this is better :P

  88. Perfect theme. Thank you very much.

  89. This theme works great on WordPress 2.7.1. I upgrades this weekend and it works wonderfully.

  90. i paid 10 for the footer removal and have yet to get a zip file havent recieved nothing yet or a responce i sent mail asking why they took my money but no file. still waitting. getting annoyed..

  91. thank you zee i got the file. appricate that very much sorry for the hassle. i didnt get any emails from you untill to day got 2 and i did get the file again ty very much. now i have to figure out how to put the file up there with out messing up my website lol. ty agian. mar

  92. Hi,

    I’m having a problem, when using this, my middle content in IE gets pushed down into the right dynamic sidebar. Any help on that? or any fixes? It works fine in Firefox, but IE.. not so well.


  93. Hey!
    I was wondering how comes there aint an option for older posts and new posts at the bottem above the footer?

    Please get back!

    Once my website gets enough visits i will buy the full package of this theme thus helping you! :)

    Thanks in advance.

  94. Hey i really liked this theme and i bought the Brand Free one but for some reason the them doesn’t have “Pagination” is it possible to add to the theme please. Thanks for making a great theme ^-^.

  95. Hi Folks,
    For some reason with IE8 and Chrome the buttons at the top are getting reduced to lines. The text is not showing. Can you folks take a look? I am a paid user.
    John T>

  96. hey how do u upload the them on weebly am trying its so hard it says error i unzip it but it dnt upload plzzzzzzz help

  97. Hi Folks,
    please tell me if i upgrade my WP from 2.9 to 3.0 did theme still working ?

  98. Hi ! I downloaded and uploaded the dark effect theme and it said this in my wp-content/themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

    Name Description
    dark-effect-v2-2 Stylesheet is missing.

    I don’t know if there was something else I was supposed to do or not , Hope someone can help !

  99. Dark Effect is a very good theme, even for a simple private webpage. Thanks!

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