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A dark theme for those who just don't want to go all the way to black. 3 columns with plenty of space for widgetry!


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More Details

Nightfall comes with all the style and functionality of Finishing Touch, as well as a banner you can easily change – previously offered in Dark Effect. So this time we’ve merged two popular themes into one!

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  1. I notice that the columns don’t seem to work in IE. I get the left column above the middle column. Any patch to make IE work?

  2. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for pointing it out – we’ve managed to fix it.

    Press alt + refresh a few times, then re-download the zip file from this page.

    Or, you can go here and save this css file over the old one, and re-upload.


  3. Hi dear your all themes are very nice and i am very thankfull to you that you are providing all themes for free. Thanks
    I have a problem with your themes, plz tell me how to show images in posts ? how to embed images easily in my posts as you have embeded a lion picture in your Nightfall theme and other themes.
    I hope you will help me. Thanks and Take Care

  4. Dear sir your all themes are very nice, Thanks
    Plz tell me how to show images embed in text as you have put a lion picture embeded in text, plz sir i will be very thankfull to you.

  5. At Panwaar and zonan,

    This link should help:

  6. Hi,
    I don’t see where are adsense sidebar widgets?
    can you please let me know?


  7. Thanks sir giving using images link, i need some more help and i hope you wil do…
    I have images in my posts but all your themes didnt show images when we click on any category, while pictures are visible when we fully read a post, plz tell me why images are not visible in category posts? one more thing is that i wanna show full posts but all your themes didnt show full post but at end of every post show “read full post” link, plz tell me how to show full post and only show “read full post” link when i add tag in post. I will be very thankfull to you sir as i will use your themes more easily if you plz help. Thanks

  8. Hi,

    my name is Marco and im from Germany. First: sorry for my poor english!
    I love Nightfall. This Theme is really great for my Site! I translatet it into german. If you are interested u can have the translatet files and offer them (no guarantee -of course-) .

    Thanks a lot for your Themes!

    cu Quincy

  9. Sir plz help me as i have already requested…
    When we click on any category to view its post, it didnt show images but when we click on any post it show the image, also when i make new post it show image in post on homepage, plz tell me why posts didnt show images when we click on any category ?

    ONe more problem is i wanna show full posts but all your themes didnt show full post but at end of every post show “read full post” link and when we click on “read full post” link then it shows full post, plz tell me how to show full post and only show “read full post” link when i add tag in post.

    Plz sir help me i will be very very thankfull to you.

  10. #8 – Thanks alot for your offer, and for the great comments on this theme – We don’t offer different languages just yet, but might do in the future!

    #9 Panwaar, sorry for the delayed response, i’m really unsure why the images don’t show on pages like categories, i can’t get it working either!

    Your best asking in a WordPress support forum, someone is bound to know how to do it!

    If you find out, please let me know :)

  11. Is it possible to change some of the colors?

  12. Sorry for double posting but at the top where it has your site’s name, can that be replaced by an image? Also can the mountain picture be changed or removed?

  13. Dear Sir we are waiting for your reply that you kindly help us, plz

  14. Hello, is anyone still there? I really need to get a move on with my site.

  15. yeah how do i change the header? i gotta website which deals with cars and i need to change the header to something more appropriate.

  16. To change the header, just replace the header’s background image file in the images directory – just replace it, and upload it to your server.

    To delete the text, open header.php in your theme’s folder, and remove < h 1 >blah blah< / h 1 > from the code

  17. This is one of the most beautiful designs I’ve ever seen. KUdos to you .. awesome .

  18. How do you get rid of the arrows? I deleted them from my FTP and deleted them from the CSS but there’s still an empty space where they were.

  19. I discovered a code that says class=”arrow” and that’s it but whenever I try to delete or alter it, it kind of messes up the part of the site where it’s at.

  20. Adding adsense boxes manually to the template files makes them show in IE but they are not visible in firefox, whats up?

  21. Please let me know the url to the site that is having problems. I will take a look :)

  22. FYI… Theme has been fixed for use with WordPress 2.3


  23. I upgraded to WordPress 2.3 and get the following error at the bottom of the home page (but not any other page)

    PHP Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The first argument should be either a string or an integer in E:\HostingSpaces\\\wwwroot\wp-includes\category-template.php on line 176

    If I switch to a template other than nightfall I do not have this problem. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  24. Have you downloaded the latest version of nightfall ? As these problems have been fixed ?

    let me know if they still exist for you.


  25. Thanks for a superb theme! My blog specialises on education and technology and has raised many compliments for its look and feel, which is all down to you. I hve had to make only very minor adjustments here and there

    I have a very long blogroll which is currently on a separate page (using the plugin run_php). Because of its length (and the fact that I’d like to make it even longer still) I’d like to split the roll across a number of pages (probably 5 or 6) with each page a different category. Any thoughts on the code I need to achieve that?

  26. thanks for the compliments it always makes my day when people post feedback about our work.

    Im not familiar with that plugin but could definitely take a look to see how you are running things at the moment. In terms of what can be done it might be easier if we discuss on MSN messenger or via email the exact requirements for your blog. I will send you an email shortly to get the ball rolling :)

  27. Nice dar stilish theme. When i come to this website, i desided to choose best theme for me and write a comment for it. So this is most beatiful template for me. My practice in design – 7 years. Respect for lite theme.

  28. Adding adsense boxes manually to the template files makes them show in IE but they are not visible in firefox

  29. I just upgraded to WP 2.3.2. I really did not want to deal with plug-n and template compatibility issues. I thought I could wait awhile, but a hacker, who apparently found a security hole in the WP 2.2, forced me to upgrade.

    Here is the warning displayed above every post in home view. This does not affect category views (file name is truncated):
    Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The first argument should be either a string or an integer in /home/.matches/tcaw/ on line 176

    The only modifications that I recall on the nightfall template files was that I edited sidebar.php and inserted code to display event calendar. I also made a change recommended to me in order to make event calendar compatible with WP-Sticky. (I haven’t yet tested WP-Sticky and Event Calendar by posting a new event with a sticky post.)


  30. Hi,
    Does this theme work in WordPress 2.3.3 now?

  31. I wasnt aware that it was broken, I will run some tests with 2.3.3 but can you elaborate on whats broken ?

    EDIT : I just ran some tests and everything seems to be working fine ??

  32. I think this is best theme among all. 3 column, nice web 2.0 graphics..with all nice features.

    Thansk a lot for such a nice theme.

  33. This is such a beautiful theme and stands out miles against the hundreds I have looked at. It’s elegant and proffessional…very clear!
    I had one tiny issue when I installed the collapse comment plugin, it completely messed up, it put the text so faint it could not be read…so I had to de-install that. *but that is their issue not yours!
    I’m running totally blind here I know nothing about WordPress until I installed it on my site..I scoured through hundreds of themes believe me this should be the first stop on the NET!!!
    You can look…I am in total chaos at the mo though just transferred blogger over and still figuring this lot out!
    Best wishes!

  34. Thanks for the feedback guys, its always appreciated.

  35. Hi, I am totally new to WP! I installed a calendar on a site I’m building and when I did, everything on the sidebar disappeared.
    I have no idea what I’m doing but want to make sure this theme fits my needs before I buy that beer….lol. Are the sidebars fluid length? I also tried to add LastFM radio to the left sidebar and it went to the middle of the page. Thanks for any and all help.

  36. Hello,

    Can you please tell me how to remove some links under ‘Meta’ on the right sidebar? I’ve tried everything! I need to know right away. Thanks!

  37. I would like to change the banner image (banner.jpg, 1024 x 120) under the top header links to either a .js image scroller or a Flash swf file. Can you please tell me where and how I would go about doing that? I need to know at your earliest convenience.


  38. Hi, Does this theme work in WordPress 2.5.1 now?
    I have a problem with the widgets (they are not visible).
    Please, somebody can help me!!!!!

  39. All of a sudden my latest posts are not showing up in the mddle column!
    The middle column now appears at the bottom left with all my posts. I have made no changes to anything. Can someone please help me out FAST!???


  40. hi.. tq so much for such an elegant theme.. it works well for me.. but i’d like to ask u if there is any way that i could get ‘next page’ button at the end of my default page. it only appears when we press a category.. but not on my default page.. btw i’m using latest post as my default. tq so much

  41. Hi,

    Is it possible to use custom structured permalinks?

    i have done the normal permalink /post-name and have had no luck

    Please help …… thanks

  42. How do I remove the link hover effect because it keeps making a whole new line for a link

  43. Hi all.

    I loved the look of this theme but i cant use it on the latest WP any reason why, or can it be made to work on it?



  44. I tried installing this theme but i get stylesheet missing error can anybody help me in this?

  45. Thank you.

    I love this theme.

    I’ve been using this for a long time.

    I appreciate.

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