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Theme Summary

A very slick black wordpress theme with a built in color chooser. Built in flickr plugin and totally widget ready!


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More Details

A very attractive 3 column layout, offering a Calendar and up to 20 random Flickr photos from your Flickr account. This theme also comes equipped with five colors to choose from!

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  1. How do you actually get the header images to change to match each color scheme

  2. Are you sure your comment is on the correct theme? – There is no header images in Enchant.

    Did you mean Dark Effect – http://www.theme-time.com/8/

  3. Yes this is the theme I already downloaded and tested it out and now I’m using is as my default theme, I mean the header images you have at the top of your page since your using the same theme, but I already figured it out by taking a look at your CSS. It’s a bit different from the downloaded version.

    This is a great theme man, one of the best wordpress I’ve seen in long time.

  4. Glad you got it working! Thanks for the feedback :)

  5. This theme looks great! It has exactly the polished feel I was looking for. I took the liberty of tweaking it a bit for my own purposes, and it wasn’t difficult to do (hope you don’t mind). I just got the flickr thing working and it looks really cool since my site is sort of a comic made with photos. Thanks for your hard work on the theme! And, if you’re a geek like me, I hope you like my Lego graphic novel :)

  6. Love the theme! Maybe my lack of knowledge will show, but can you/how do you set the default color? I know that it will save on my own computers, but I want it to be a specific color for anyone who views it.


  7. Hi,

    Great themes you have!

    I was under the impression you could have the theme in a separate color (not having buttons to change it) I’m looking for a specific color for a specific blog.

    And , is there a way to remove the Flickr picture plugin option/

    Many thanks


  8. Can you help me in adding a widget in the center above the two sidebar. When I try to do that, it seems to swift everything down, including the main contents.
    Any help please?


  9. Great theme! I love the coloring and styling.
    I am curious to know if there is a way to either remove the bar that says, “Flickr plugin required” or to change it to pull pictures out of a directory on the server. I would prefer to not have to use Flickr.

  10. Yes you can and we can make those changes for you for $25. Let me know if you’re interested.

  11. Hi, great theme, thank you very much.

    I also wish to be dense, is there some simple way that could be explained to set the colour to a set one [blue in my case]

    Thanks again for the theme

  12. Very attractive indeed. Thanks for sharing this great theme. A Stumble for your efforts.

  13. How can I show Images In categories field

  14. all episode is not working? what happen?

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